Architectural Clay Products, Inc. is a major wholesale distributor of brick, tile and allied products representing approximately 50+ domestic and foreign manufacturers.
Many times, inspiration is only discovered when you see it. There is something about the physical experience of seeing our products in person, handling them, comparing colors, or even discovering something new for a project. Come experience our showroom and warehouse where our professional design staff can assist you in making the selection process easier, can simply roam on your own.

The easiest way to work with ACP is:

  1. Call to discuss your project with our design staff.

  2. Bring in colors, photos, sketches, measurements, anything you think will give us a better idea of your objectives and needs.

  3. Allow sufficient time for your order to arrive. Most selections will be stocked in the US, but some items must either be shipped in from other parts of the world or specially made for your order.

Whether you create your own look, or work with one of our designers, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

1025 Beaver Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 p: (412) 322-0700 f: (412) 322-0707